Aggressive Bronx Criminal & DWI/DUI Attorneys

Jason-A.-Steinberger-Aggressively-Fighting-for-Your-RightsHiring a lawyer with a complete grasp of the criminal justice system is what you want when you need a Bronx criminal and DWI/DUI lawyer. Being arrested and charged in the Bronx means that each and every avenue of the legal system needs to be closely examined, and that’s something that a Bronx DWI/DUI and criminal lawyer can provide. Call attorney Jason Steinberger – 646-256-1007.

Steps after an Arrest

Since it’s possible to avoid going to court by having the District Attorney’s office dismiss the case in the span of a couple hours, hiring a Bronx criminal and DWI/DUI lawyer as soon as possible is your first step. That’s because there exists the possibility of them speaking before any arraignment to a prosecutor to either reduce the charges or get them dismissed outright. When the trip to court for arraignment occurs, your lawyer can ask a judge to have you released on your own recognizance.

Arraignment Possibilities

If the legal maneuver to have your Bronx criminal or DWI/DUI case dismissed is played out, the Bronx District Attorney’s office then becomes an important factor in the potential disposition of your case. That’s because they have the power to either continue prosecuting the case, use non-legal grounds to dismiss the case or drop the charges entirely. Having someone on your side in this delicate area can be invaluable.

Your lawyer is fully aware that the Bronx District Attorney must be able to prove the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. In many cases, reaching that standard can be difficult to achieve, which means your lawyer will be able to work within the legal system to craft the most appropriate strategy.

They can then explain that being able to prove pertinent issues or reaching the necessary level of reasonable doubt for the Bronx District Attorney will be a severe challenge. Doing that will provide the best framework for your situation.

Determining the Length of Your Case

While there is no definitive answer with regard to how long a specific case may take, your lawyer will attempt to expedite the issue. However, that will be tempered with a focus on making sure that handling the case in that manner is the best way to approach it. Complications that could enter the picture when it comes to the disposition of the case are the level of the case and whether all evidence has been collected and how much of it exists. Finally, the prosecutor’s status with regard to caseload may come into question.

Your lawyer springs into action after you have designated him to handle your case. That means finding out exactly what evidence exists against you with the District Attorney’s office. Knowing that will allow him to begin putting together a legal defense that will offer you the best chance at success by proving a lack of reasonable doubt.

The Process of Selecting a Bronx Criminal or DWI/DUI Attorney

Navigating your way through the justice system is much easier with the assistance of a criminal or DWI/DUI lawyer in the Bronx. Three specific things to consider when choosing your attorney begin with speaking with the lawyer yourself. Much as you wouldn’t buy a product sight unseen, you should be expected to employ a lawyer you’ve never had contact with before.

Next, how experienced is your lawyer, and more specifically, how much of a grasp do they have with the surrounding community of the Bronx? The ability to have crafted previous deals with the Bronx prosecutors should also be taken under consideration.

Finally, is your lawyer completely committed to your case or are you simply another client on a long list? Plea-bargaining in a Bronx criminal or DWI/DUI case is the easy way out, especially if the chance exists to have your case dismissed. Make sure they’re ready to fight for your rights.

Reasons to Call

With a combination of experience and integrity that’s wrapped in a dedicated work ethic, your lawyer is the best person to contact in order to obtain the fairest resolution possible for any legal troubles. Learn about your legal rights and get the representation you need – call attorney Jason Steinberger – 646-256-1007.