Bronx, NY Criminal Defense Attorney

In Bronx County, a criminal case begins at the point of initial contact between you and the NYPD officers. This contact could occur over the phone, at your home, on the sidewalk or during a routine traffic stop. An arrest warrant could be involved, but it isn’t always. Ultimately, this contact typically occurs after you have been accused of committing some sort of crime. Understanding what to do once you have been accused is essential for protecting yourself and your rights.

What to Do if You Are Contacted By the Police

Upon your first contact with the police, you should get in touch with a attorney – call Jason Steinberger – 646-256-1007. Few people have been able to resolve police matters without getting an attorney involved.

Of course, you might still be forced to speak with the police before your lawyer. The first rule is not to assume why the police want to get in touch with you. Once you acquire any essential information, gather contact information and call the attorney immediately. Do not offer any information until you have spoken with your counsel to determine how you can investigate the scope of interest.

It is common for police officers to ask to speak with you before there is real evidence that you have committed a crime. The point of an interview with police would be to question you and obtain incriminating evidence that could put you behind bars. In order to do this, police will try to trick you. This is why you need a lawyer with you before you answer such questions. Jason Steinberger has the experience, compassion for clients, and legal aggressiveness to be effective.

After Your Arrest

If you have been arrested in the Bronx, you will be brought to the police precinct. The police will ask for your fingerprints and take your photo. This occurs regardless of whether you intend to plead guilty or not guilty.

If you are being charged with a misdemeanor, the police will issue you with a Desk Appearance Ticket as you undergo the process of booking. Your court arraignment date and time will appear on the paper given to you. You are free to leave after you are processed. Of course, it is only that simple if you are eligible for the ticket. Otherwise, you head over to Central Booking in the Bronx.

On the other hand, you might be charged with a felony. In Nassau County, everything higher than a Class D felony requires that you remain at Central Booking for arraignment in front of a judge.

The Arraignment

An arraignment includes the formal reading of charges against you. You will appear with your lawyer in court in front of the Criminal Court judge to hear these criminal charges. The judge will also make the decision to release you or to set bail. Securing a lawyer will be helpful for understanding your rights for this portion of the arraignment.

If you or a family member was just arrested, don’t panic – call attorney Jason Steinberger – 646-256-1007.